About Kane & Ross

Osteopaths at Kane and Ross Clinics work with the body structure through the manipulation of bones, muscles, ligaments and muscle tissue, collectively known as the musculoskeletal system. Techniques used vary from soft-tissue stretching, high velocity thrust techniques, to improve the range of movement of the joints to more gentle rhythmic and cranial techniques. Exercises or postural advice to do at home may also be given, to assist the treatment and help maintain your health.

The osteopaths at Kane and Ross Clinics will help you get to the cause of your problem and design a treatment plan both to get you out of pain and to teach you how to prevent similar occurrences happening in the future. Treatment usually involves hands on treatment as well as postural and exercise advice.

Osteopathic treatment is aimed not simply at the relief of symptoms, but towards helping the body function better in all respects by releasing accumulated stress and strains. The body's own self-healing and self-regulating ability are assisted, ideally to a point where the body can maintain itself in a state of health without assistance from an osteopath.

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