What Kane and Ross can do to help your back pain

Back pain is something most of us will suffer at one time or another although there is a world of difference between aching muscles or ligaments and the raging pain from acute joint strain or prolapsed disc.  It can occur at any age but is more common from mid thirties to sixties.

Your back is a complicated arrangement of supports and levers. The muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints  work in cooperation to provide support and enable you to move.  All these structures are prone to stresses and strain which can lead to symptoms of back pain.

At Kane and Ross your osteopath will take a detailed history and perform clinical testing including osteopathic palpation to evaluate the state of the muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints.  With a proper understanding of the causes and contributing factors a treatment regime will be initiated to alleviate your symptoms.  There are many causes of back pain from strained muscles to prolapsed intervertebral disc.  Your treatment regime will be individualised to address your specific symptoms as well as any underlying imbalances.

Not every case of back pain can be helped by osteopathic treatment and it is important to identify when someone needs to be referred for a surgical opinion or further investigations.  At Kane and Ross we may use x-rays, scans and blood work to establish whether your problem is likely to respond to osteopathic treatment and what treatments or activities to avoid.

Most cases of back pain can be helped if not cured by osteopathic treatment. A range of gentle hands-on techniques are used to release tension patterns and restrictions from very gentle 'cranial techniques', positional release, neuromuscular techniques to manipulation where appropriate.

Fast effective pain relief may be the first objective but we also want to identify underlying causes, whether that be poor work station set-up, lack of exercise or even the wrong kind of exercise.  Once we understand what the causes or contributing factors are, we will work with you to put together a manageable exercise regime - stretching, strengthening and rebalancing muscle function.

Our aim is to get you moving and in control rather than being controlled by back pain.

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