Sports Injuries

Injuries are a frequent occurrence in many sports and early treatment will speed recovery and help prevent reoccurrence. Whether you’re an athlete pushing the limits of your discipline or someone simply trying to get fit, sprains and strains of the muscles, tendons, ligaments and other soft tissues of the body do occur. These may be acute injuries or repetitive strains and imbalances. The older athlete in particular needs to ensure that the body’s balance is maintained and osteopathic treatment may be part of preventing injuries.

Assessment is the key using hands-on osteopathic skills to locate the precise area of dysfunction as well as look at the overall balance of the body. We also use ultrasound within the practice to aid the diagnostic process.

The initial focus is on easing pain and promoting healing. However it may require a broader perspective that looks at the overall balance of the body to ensure that all the parts work together harmoniously. Hands-on treatment includes stretching, strengthening and balancing. When appropriate we will work with your trainer or other professionals supporting your fitness and rehabilitation. Self-help techniques tailored to your particular needs can also help prevent reoccurrences and ease symptoms.

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