We are most grateful to those patients and healthcare professionals who have written testimonials for us and referred to Kane and Ross Clinics for many years. We hope they can give you some understanding into the way we work as part of an integrated team with our patients and their healthcare professionals. Kane and Ross clinics have been established for 20 years and it is still a great honour to work with all of you.


Dr Tim Ladbrooke MA, MB, BChir, DCH, MRCGP; London SW5

I have worked closely with all members of the Kane & Ross team and the feedback from my patients is consistently positive.  All of the team develop excellent rapport with our patients and most important of all, the treatment is consistently effective.

Mark has particular expertise in managing neck pain whilst the rest of the team led by Simone, have special expertise in managing my paediatric patients – particularly babies with difficult to control reflux, management of flat heads and wry neck.

Dr Ebba Nielsen; Sloane Street SW1

As a GP I find the Kane and Ross Osteopathic Clinics an essential part of my practice. I have referred to the clinic for more than 12 years and have only had positive feedback from patients. The clinics provide a competent, holistic and up-to-date approach to the patients’ problems.

Dr Sabrina Pao MBBS BSc DFFP MRCGP DipOccMed; Sloane Street SW1

I have been referring to Kane and Ross for 5 years and they have proved successful in managing my patients’ wide variety of problems ranging from back pain to baby reflux.  I can think of a particular episode of a patient with severe back pain who Mark saw on a weekend for treatment and once he realised the severity of the problem, he facilitated their admission to hospital which was very critical for this patient.   As a GP it is important to have a good network of referrals that are both high in quality but also good availability and this is certainly reflected by the excellent feedback I get from my patients that go to Kane and Ross.

Dr Elaine Tickle MRCGP MA; Harley Street, London

I am very happy when my patients undertake treatments with Kane and Ross as they are seen soon, treated effectively and offered an all round high quality professional service with a high rate of resolution of symptoms, especially pain.

I am delighted to refer my patients here. 

Obstetricians and Gynaecologist

Mr Karl Murphy MD FRCOG FRCPI DCH; St Mary's Hospital and The Portland Hospital, London

I have been referring patients to Kane and Ross Osteopaths for more than 13 years now and have never had a client who was not happy with the service. As a well organised team providing a first class service, they have enabled many of my patients to remain mobile throughout pregnancy when they have had to cope with pregnancy problems such as sciatica, low back pain and pelvic girdle pain.

For all their help over the years I would like to say a big thank you.

Jeffrey Braithwaite MB BCH MD FRCOG; The Portland Hospital, London

I have known Simone for at least 12 years. She has always been the first port of call for nearly all of the pregnant women I look after who get bad backs and associated discomfort in the legs, shoulders and joints. She has looked after hundreds of women for me over the years and has always been a wonderful support in this respect to both myself and the women.

Lactation Consultants & Midwives

Clare Byam-Cook; Midwife, Author of 'What to Expect When You're Breast-feeding.....and What if you Can't?'

I first heard about Simone Ross through one of her grateful clients. Since then I have referred many mothers to Kane & Ross Clinics and the feedback has always been extremely positive. I highly recommend them to any new mother.

Karen Eichhorn RGN RM; Midwife at St Mary's Hospital

Simone Ross has a special way with newborns and is passionate about the work she does. I have great respect for Simone and her work and would really recommend her as an osteopath.

Beth Graham; Lactation Consultant

I refer my clients to Kane and Ross for Osteopathy and the feedback is always positive,  I notice a difference with feeding and the general condition of the baby after treatment. 

I refer clients whose babies have feeding problems - when their baby cannot open their mouth very wide, have an uncoordinated suck, including tongue thrusting and tongue tie. Also for babies with digestive discomfort that may be impacting on feeding mechanics and have bloated abdomens that are full of gas. Kane and Ross treatment always involves gentle hands on treatment and they teach the family abdominal massage techniques to use at home to help release lower wind. All members of the team are kind and empathetic and the mums and babies feel better after the treatments.

I also send babies for osteopathic treatment  if the baby prefers to lie with their head facing one way or will feed off one breast, more than another as this can be a result of a restriction in their necks and  lead to plagiocephaly (flat head)  

Kane and Ross offer excellent osteopathy for mother and newborn baby  and I feel all mums and new babies should be seen by a member of the team shortly after birth.


Lisa Rabbe, Financial Services Professional

I was referred to the clinic by my GP for lower back trouble following a car accident, for which various physiotherapy attempts had failed to produce results. Simone Ross and her team zeroed in on the problem and were able to fully address it in a matter of weeks.

I have learned an enormous amount about how the various areas of the body cross-reference, and am always impressed by the practitioners' knowledge and ability to get to the root of the problem, rather than just treat the symptoms.

Having had experience of a number of the Kane and Ross practitioners, I can say that they are all excellent, and have a consistently high standard in their approach to treating me, but each brings something special. Some have demonstrated a knack for cranial osteopathic treatment, others excel at repositioning out of alignment areas using the super slow movement which is one of the features of osteopathy that continues to amaze me.

My professional life involves extensive travel, and my posture is challenged from this, and from years of "driving a desk" for a living. The combination of osteopathy and the pilates Simone recommended I take up early on in our discussions, have transformed my posture, body awareness, energy and ability to perform in a high stress work environment.

The team's flexibility and willingness to do late evenings and Saturdays has made a huge difference to my ability to maintain a treatment schedule.

James E. Hughes-Hallett

Amongst the myriad of osteopaths and physiotherapists I have visited over the years, I have never felt more confident than when visiting Mark Kane that my back, neck, hip or other skeletal problems will soon be resolved. Mark's analysis of the issue and systematic approach to resolution ensure that I am back on the road promptly and importantly less likely to return.

Sophie Muir

Our son was 6 months old, he had a severe case of flat head syndrome (plagiocephaly).  Simone and her team at Kane and Ross were instrumental in treating him and he now has a beautiful round head.  The suggested course of treatments worked. The communication thought out the process was flawless. We are grateful to Simone and her team and recommend them highly.

Jo Jackson

In my little black book Simone is simply one of the most important people in my life, and her treatments have helped my family immeasurably. Her newborn check-ups and treatments worked wonders on both my children's digestive issues, breathing and sleep, and she has helped me with numerous issues such as back and neck pain and for musculoskeletal problems during pregnancy. Her ability to target the root cause of the issue and alleviate pain is second to none, as is her lovely bedside manner. I can't recommend her highly enough.

Ralph Firman

I originally brought my daughter to Simone Ross at Kane & Ross Clinic at a few weeks of age for osteopathy to help with colic as well as slight torticollis. After our first session there was drastic improvement. After each session we noticed a difference. As a sports professional I was myself suffering after a few sporting accidents, and as part of my profession need to be in top performance condition, but I also needed to trust the person I was working with - after my first session with Charlotte Hunt I noticed a vast improvement and I am getting back to peak performance. Charlotte managed to diagnose old sporting injuries and really find the root of the problem, which was not necessarily what I thought was the root.

Since then my wife has also started seeing Charlotte for post natal treatment combined with personal training. The expertise, professionalism and outstanding results from the team at Kane & Ross has made a drastic improvement to all of our lives, probably the best choice and best decision we have made in terms of physical wellbeing and health."

Sarah Al Khabbaz

Meeting Simone was one of the best things I have experienced for my family - their clinic did wonders for me and cured my knee pain, and fixed my husband's neck pain and my 13 year old daughter's and my 60 year old mother's back pain. We have known Simone for five years now and I have recommended them to all my friends , and everyone loved their work. Many thanks Simone.

Stephanie Achar

I have been extremely happy with the quality of the treatments I have had at Kane and Ross Clinics. I feel like the sessions of osteopathy have really helped me have a better posture and improve my condition overall. I got a lot of relief from the work done at the clinic.

Emma van Klaveren Finlay

We were recommended Charlotte at Kane & Ross by my lactation consultant, shortly after the birth of my daughter, as we were having breastfeeding and sleeping problems. Charlotte diagnosed and treated our baby for her anterior tongue tie therefore facilitating breastfeeding and avoiding an unpleasant medical procedure for our baby. She also treated my caesarian wound with osteopathic techniques reducing swelling and aiding healing. Charlotte was extremely caring, professional and very helpful-we could not recommend her more highly.

Myriam Louis

My little boy had severe torticollis, which means the right side of his neck muscles were shorter than the left. He also had a really noticeable flat head (plagiocephaly).

I had no experience with osteopathy, but I wanted to try something which could help my baby.  Soon as my baby had the treatment with Simone he could relax, turn his head to the right and I noticed a difference in his head shape very quickly.

After long research, and after going to the wrong people I found Simone Ross. Simone is experienced and my little boy is very relaxed when he sees her. My only regret is that I didn't start earlier as he was already 5 months when he was first treated.

My husband and my in-laws couldn't believe it.  For the first time after  long weeks of feeling unable to help my baby boy, I was able to smile again.

My baby is now able to turn his head to both sides with no restriction, he can sit properly and his flat head is no longer noticeable.

To the question, does osteopathy work? I answer, not necessary, you have to find someone really experienced with babies. From the bottom of my heart I would like to thank Ms Simone Ross.

Julia, mother of 3

My family and I have been regularly attending the Kane & Ross clinic for over 6 years now and it never ceases to amaze me how professional, kind and accommodating their practitioners are. We've seen them for pregnancy-related issues, post-partum check ups for babies and mum, back and neck problems, developmental problems, sports injuries, plantar fasciitis and even ear infections (adult and kids), and in each case, the effect of the treatment was excellent. I cannot recommend this clinic enough.

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