How can Kane and Ross osteopaths help shoulder pain?

Shoulder pain is a common symptom with a variety of causes. At Kane and Ross Clinics the first step to effective treatment is accurate diagnosis. Following a careful history and using a range of clinical tests, we will employ the finely honed hands-on methods of osteopathy to establish which tissues are causing the pain as well as any underlying factors such as muscle or joint imbalances that predispose or maintain the problem. It is important to differentiate when the problem might be coming from the neck or the shoulder joint itself. Treatment is designed to alleviate the symptoms as well as correct any underlying imbalances. 

At Kane and Ross we utilise diagnostic ultrasound within the practice to establish whether the problem is coming from the rotator cuff or other tissues surrounding the shoulder.

If further investigations are required we will refer for x-ray, MRI or blood tests.

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