Flat Head Syndrome / Plagiocephaly

Assessment of flat head syndrome is important: the earlier the better. Early diagnosis reduces the osteopathic treatment that will be needed and the amount of exercises required. A baby can be assessed from birth. If there is restricted neck movement it can be treated immediately. Babies’ heads are soft. If a baby lies in the same position it will develop flat head syndrome. If there is a muscular restriction in the neck, the baby will always lie to the same side and may not feed the same on both breasts.


flat head syndrome/Plagiocephaly

Signs that your baby may have Plagiocephaly:

  • Baby only lies to one side when asleep and awake
  • Your baby’s head is tilted upwards when lying to the side
  • On turning the baby’s head side to side, the shoulder lifts
  • When your baby is on its stomach the body goes into a banana shape
  • Your baby may also have feeding issues as latching or sucking can be a problem
  • Your baby may have a preference to use one hand

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